Why Choose Pulsar Viajes…

The travel opportunity is maybe the most rich of the experiences, visit and meet other country, other region, other culture, people have no Price, one travel is dreaming, planning, budgeting… our purpose is that our travelers fully satisfy and overcome their expectations.

The itinerary preparation involves considering several aspects as: timetables, locations, transportations, guides, hotels, restaurants and more… our labor is choose each one of these elements according the traveler’s requirement and interest, timely and appropriate election will make the final optimal service.

The travel itinerary is expect be fulfilled punctuality, the payment made be justified with services provided, is the main reason for Pulsar Viajes strictly comply with the offering.

MISSION: Provide travel services responsible and caring, adequate counseling before the trip and personal attention during permanency.

VISION: When a traveler chooses our country, fulfill dreams, enjoy the stay and feel safe, finally when it goes be ambassador of our country in the world.

Our Destinations