General Information…

Our country has an endless variety of climates and landscapes, however we have three main regions that make the life style and customs of Peruvians: coast, highlands and jungle, each very different from the other. The major urban areas are located in Lima capital of the country largest urban concentration (9 million inhabitants.) on the north coast (Trujillo, Chiclayo, Piura and Chimbote) highland cities full of history and culture alive (Arequipa, Cusco, Huancayo, Cajamarca, Puno, Ayacucho, Huaraz) and booming cities in the jungle (Iquitos, Pucallpa, Tarapoto, Puerto Maldonado).
• Major religions: Catholic-Apostolic-Roman, Evangelical Churches.
• Currency: Nuevo Sol
• Languages: Castilian (Spanish), Quechua, Aymara.
• Presidential system, unicameral congress, independent judiciary.
• Political divisions: 25 regions (existing departments) including Lima and the Constitutional Province of Callao.

Various manifestations depending of season and geographic region:
Coast: Humid climate, high summer temperatures, intense cold and cloudy days in winter, except the north coast  (Lambayeque, Piura-Tumbes) who enjoy sunshine all year round, occasional light rains in the central coast in winter.

Highlands: Dry weather, warm temperatures, abundant rainfall in spring and summer from October to April, much sun during the day and very cold at night in winter and fall and early mornings from May to September.

Jungle: humid, rainy most of the year as high temperatures, some mini cold seasons and winds in winter.

Essential that travelers carry original identity documents as; Passport (including Andean Immigration Card) foreigners license if they are resident in the country, for Peruvian DNI, also important to check in hotels and buying tickets entry.

Cash, you can carry U.S. dollars, euros or travelers check, for the issue of product purchases or payment of consumption and services in general most establishments that sell to tourists accept different credit cards as payment, there are many bank agencies in the city where changing also currency exchange offices on the street.

We recommend bringing traditional travel accessories like cameras, video cameras, cell phones, etc. current energy in the country is 220volts.

Clothing accessories, depending on the season suggested: rainy season (October to April) rain shoes with non-slip plants, jackets, waterproof and/or windproof, raincoats, etc. dry season (May to September), light clothing during the day and at night long coat, scarves, hats with ear protection (chullos).

Essential in any season sunscreen, insect repellent, sunglasses, hats or caps.

The city of Cusco and others important in the country are located at elevations higher than 3,000 above sea level some visitors feel different symptoms related to known "altitude sickness" often oversized, we have adequate medical support throughout the region specialists with broad experience in handling these and other diseases related to altitude.

Self-medication is not recommended for the issue of height before or during the trip, except to travelers with pre-existing treatment of medically indicated, not to abuse the consumption of "mate de coca"(coca tea) especially people with hypertension, also may produce insomnia.

If you are a traveler who is contacted directly with us, there are various forms of payment for services, during the delivery of information and concretion of the trip we will send the payment alternatives and viable prepaid.

The website offers this tool for your questions, suggestions and comments, the same way used to receive confirmation of bookings and services, direct and personalized communication.