We offer great variety of excursions and activities inside Cusco Region.
• Traditional tourism: city tour, sacred valley tour, Machupicchu tour, etc.
• Adventure tourism: trekking, biking, four-wheels,rafting, etc.
• Experimental tourism: Visit to rural communities, brief coexistence with them.
• Social tourism: Visit to rural communities, grant making to kinder gardens and elementary schools, traditional food.
• Mystical tourism: Combination of visits to traditional archeological sites with Andean mystical-esoteric ceremonies, meditations, thanks to mother earth ritual, talks with Andean priest and spiritual guide, visits, interviews and talks with Antón Ponce de León and Luz Marina de Túpac Yupanqui who are recognized exponents of Andean Cosmo vision.
• Ecological tourism: group of ecological activities in privilege places of Peruvian southern jungle: Manu national park and Puerto Maldonado jungle.

From Cusco:
Tours including trips & visits to Puno and the sacred lake of the Incas, islands (Uros, Taquile, Amantaní), archeological inca and pre-inca sites, amazing colonial art in (Juli) and enjoy the feeling of Peruvian highlands where the earth & sky meet.

Tours including trips & visits to Arequipa, surrounding country sites, the most important landforms of the world the Colca canyon & Cotahuasi canyon, towns, rural and native communities, wonderful flora and fauna as the Condor in serene fly in their natural habitat.

Continue to the mysteries of Nazca and zoomorphic lines and the sea ecosystem of Paracas enjoying wildlife, sand and sea. Arriving to capital city Lima, place where harmonizes the traditional and contemporary life, merges all the delicacy of the Peruvian food, ceviche’s and pisco sours combined with the peaceful beauty of San Isidro and Miraflores, without forgetting the colonial, republican and noble historic center of Lima.

Alternatively we can organize your visit to the most important archeological centers near Lima Pachacamac pre-inca shrine center and oracle, Caral the mother culture of America, if you like the adventure all the history and geography of the Peruvian Switzerland Huaraz, further north the largest adobe city of America Chan-Chan in the spring Trujillo, the sacred “Huacas” of Mochicas and Chimúes, in Lambayeque all the mystery and knowledge of the oldest Peruvians and their real tombs in Sipán and Sicán, continue further north and enjoy the warm beaches and exquisite sea food of Mancora, Colán and Punta Sal or the mangles and delicacies in Tumbes and the sui-generis tropical dry forest surrounded of desert.

Excursions to the immense Peruvian lower jungle:

From Cusco
Visit to the national park and biosphere of Manu, intact and protected nature, flora and fauna accessible by air and land near Cusco.

Puerto Maldonado, nature reserves, many lodges and hostels in the middle of the jungle accessible by air and highway.

From Lima
The icon of the Peruvian jungle Iquitos, enjoy the jungle communities living, flora and fauna easy to appreciate and navigate the mightiest world river Amazonas and their tributaries. Quality infrastructure of services made available of travelers, the charms of Tarapoto if the time is enough visit the land of the Chachapoyas the kingdom of the cloudy jungle and the marvelous Kuelap and surroundings, the sarcophagus of Karajía and the beautiful lake of the condors.

From Cusco, we can organize a complete Highland experience, running the Andean valleys of Cusco’s region, going to the Peruvian highland, arriving to Puno, visit the sacred lake of the incas, islands and surroundings, cross the border then arrive to the Bolivian jewel of the lake “Copacabana” continue to the capital of Bolivia the amazing La Paz, hotel facilities and services of high quality, from this city depart excursions to the most important places as the Salar of Uyuni the dry salt lake world’s largest or descend to the low forest of the Yungas living towns and un-missable landscapes walking, biking or by equipped trucks.

If is possible can be extended the visit including important places declared as world heritage of humanity as Potosí & Sucre or contemporary cities as Cochabamba and the splendor of Santa Cruz.

From Bolivia can also connect with near destinations as Argentina, Chile or Brazil.